I'm an independent curator and writer based in London, with a PhD in art history from Kingston University, London. My research proposed the new concept of the 'indexical line', a line connected with drawing and technology, with figurative imagery and abstract mark-making.

Currently, I am interested in figuring out how conceptual uses of the line as universal, or neutral, engage - and if so how - with feminist, anti-imperialist thinking and making. 

I am also the co-curator of the ongoing exhibition BLANK dedicated to the female artist Irma Blank and her lifetime dedication to asemantic writing, or drawing through writing. 

DNAF stands for Drawing Now art fair, of which I am the artistic director. 

Read my blog for thoughts about art and everyday life - I am passionate about any creative venture, from rap to sustainable living, from semiotics to YouTube meanderings through the perspective of art making and thinking; the research page is about academic writing with a more accentuated focus on the line and drawing associated with feminist and intersectional thought; I am working on the page dedicated to current or past exhibitions. 

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